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At Happy Hamsters UK we welcome donations in monetary and gift format. All donations go towards the veterinary and foster care of the hamsters at the rescue.

In order for us to continue and maintain the quality of work we do at Happy Hamsters UK we welcome donations. With your support in what we do through donations more and more hamsters will receive high quality care and be able to find the forever homes.

Monetary donations

All monetary donations go to the veterinary and foster care of hamsters at the rescue.


Your donations mean that no expense is spared on caring for hamsters in our rescue and finding them the best possible forever homes.


Gifts are donated via our amazon Wishlist's direct to area branch managers. These are then distributed among volunteers to help care for the hamsters at the rescue. 

Examples of what is on our Wishlist include: 

  • Bedding

  • Sand 

  • Food

  • Toys 

  • Treats


Donated Equipment, whether enclosures or accessories, is a massive resource to the rescue.


We are always grateful

to those that can donate this way, as we're increasingly becoming inundated with surrender requests. This means we are often at our maximum capacities across all branches


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