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Foster Fails

Unfortunately not all our hamsters find there forever families as they are not able to be adopted out. These are foster fails, and there are many reasons for falling a foster, with most foster fails having a combination of reasons. At Happy Hamsters UK we do our best to get every hamster ready for a new home. For those that don't we do our best to privde them with the best of care while they stay with us.



20th March 2021 - 16th August 2021

Magic came to us at 2 years old, living this time in the circus cage. this sweet boy had a lovely nature. he was curious and caused trouble. It soon became clear he was unwell. After a few trips to the vets it was confirmed that he had cushings. It was then the decision was made to keep Magic on our care. He spent the remainder of his days having free roam and plenty of walnuts. After some time he became incontenent and he sohiwng signs of pain and the decision was to PTS as his deteriation was fast.

At the Vet


21st August 2021 - 8th September 2021

Forest was found out side by a member of the public and brought to us to help him. It was clear that he was old and had a few ailments. He was rushed straight to the vets where he was prescribed medication and had his teeth trimmed.

Dog Collar


31st October 2021 - 8th March 2022

Hannibal came to us with his son and daughters, he was very aggressive when he came to us and a lot of work was done to tame him.

Kitty Love


March 2022 - Present

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Happy Hamsters UK, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

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