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At Happy Hamsters UK we take on all feedback from previous adopters, hear from them below.


"The resources are incredibly informative, while being clear and easy to read. I have made changes to my hamster care based on their information and I have shared the resources with others."

"HHUK listened to what I was looking for but always had the welfare of the hamsters front and centre. The process was very thorough but not onerous - HHUK definitely does its "due diligence". It was great to receive videos of my hamster, once the adoption was agreed."


"Seeing the natural alternatives to historical hamster keeping and the absolute difference it makes to an animal having a supportive, knowledgeable, realistic and practical organisation like HHUK."


"There's always something to be learnt, if you're not learning you're not bothered! I learnt so much about Hammys and it's exciting to create and improve his home and life in our home."


"We adopted from HHUK back in 2021. This was our first experience of Happy Hamsters UK and we'd highly recommend them. The adoption process was clear and organised about what to expect and was required. They were incredibly responsive to messages and very thorough with their questions ensuring the best hamster care."

We asked our adopters what three words they would use to describe  Happy Hamsters UK


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