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Where hamsters thrive.

Hamster Fair UK

Hamster Fair UK is the UK's only ethical hamster fair. In July 2022 we hosted our first Hamster Fair, we had 12 vendors, 200 people attend and 6 talks, this was such a success that we have decided to run it again and again.  
Hamster Fair has a great atmosphere were everyone is welcome. It's a great event to network with like minded people and talk to industry professionals. Vendors are there with their products which you can see first hand and look before you buy. Which for many of these vendors Hamster Fair is the only place you can do this. 
Come along and see for yourself!


At Happy Hamsters UK we aim to rescue, foster and rehome hamsters into the best possible homes all over the country. By providing loving homes, care and medical attention, we strive to match every hamster their perfect forever family. 

HHUK are the UKs leading Hamster rescue, taking in more than 700 hamsters in the last 2 years. We are driven to be proactive in our success and make change with the work we do. Our team are professional and knowledgeable while being passionate about animal welfare.


While in our care we aim to provide hamsters with the highest of standard of care by making sure the hamsters have enriching set ups, access to veterinary care if needed and hold their paw through a taming process. Our dedicated team of volunteers across the country are passionate in the time they spend helping every single hamster that enters their home.


We check and verify every potential home to make sure you are the right fit for one of our hamsters. We match you to the hamsters in our care to make a successful adoption. Our skilled branch management team are here every step of the way to help you through our simple adoption process. They are happy to answer all questions and provide advice.  

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