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Our Care Values

Personalised Care

At Happy Hamsters UK we tailor care to suit every hamster's needs, from medical to personal likes.

Health comes first

At Happy Hamsters UK we prioritise ever hamsters health, from emergency vet care to regular health checks.

Continuation of standards of care

At Happy Hamsters UK not only do we maintain high standards we look for forever families to meet and exceed our standards.


Foster care

While the Hamsters stay with us we aim to hit high standards. All hamsters in our care have: 

  • 100x50cm minimum cage size

  • Appropriate wheel size per species

  • 6 inches minimum safe bedding

  • Plenty of enrichment

  • Safe sand bath 

  • Food and water

  • Large hides

  • A dig box

  • A playpen or free roam area

These are just our minimum standards and we often maintain higher standards.


Forever Homes

All adopters go through our adoption process so we can determine whether they are fit to take care of a hamster.

All species of hamster go in to 100x50cm or larger with plenty of deep bedding and enrichment.

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