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Adoptions at Happy Hamsters UK

Available hamsters
Reminder: ALL hamsters in captivity are solitary. 

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Areas currently covered*

North East 

  • Yorkshire

  • County Durham 

  • Northumberland

  • Lincolnshire

  • Derbyshire

East Midlands 

  • Northamptonshire 

  • Nottinghamshire 

  • Leicestershire 

  • Warwickshire 

  • Huntingdonshire 

  • Bedfordshire 

  • Hertfordshire 

  • Buckinghamshire 

East of England 

  • Cambridgeshire 

North West

  • Liverpool

South East

  • Reading

  • Canterbury

If adopters can meet partway with a total travel time for the hamster of no more than 3 hours, we are happy to arrange this.

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