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Adopting hamsters from Happy Hamsters UK is an easy process which we will help you with every step of the way.

When looking to get a hamster it can be very difficult, there is a lot of confusing information out there. We look to guide you through the process, we have a checklist with loads of recommended and appropriate items for your enclosures. With our adoption service we will look to find the best match between hamsters and homes from personalities to enclosures. Below you can see a flow chart of how the adoption process works.

Adoptions: About

Happy Hamsters UK Locations

Where can you find hamsters to adopt?

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Areas usually covered by each branch*

North East 

  • Yorkshire

  • County Durham 

  • Northumberland

  • Lincolnshire

  • Manchester

  • Derbyshire

North West

  • Lancashire 

  • Greater Manchester

  • Cheshire 

  • Cumberland

  • Westmorland  

West Midlands

  • Shropshire 

  • Staffordshire 

  • Herefordshire 

  • Worcestershire 

  • Warwickshire 

  • Gloucestershire 

  • Oxfordshire 

  • Wales 

East Midlands 

  • Northamptonshire 

  • Nottinghamshire 

  • Leicestershire 

  • Warwickshire 

  • Huntingdonshire 

  • Bedfordshire 

  • Hertfordshire 

  • Buckinghamshire 

East of England 

  • Cambridgeshire 

  • Norfolk 

  • Suffolk 

  • Essex

South West 

  • Gloucestershire 

  • Wiltshire 

  • Berkshire 

  • Somerset 

  • Hampshire 

  • Dorset 

  • Devon 

  • Cornwall

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